At any given point from March to August I will be somewhere along this red line. Wow. Nearly two years ago my good friend, Ryan, and I made the decision to hike the Appalachian Trail. Yeah, that’s right. We are walking to Maine. The details regarding this decision can be found on my first blog post.

I don’t think it’s important for me to use this space to write about myself. Afterall, most, if not all of the folks reading this already know me 🙂 I would utilize this section to write about the details of my hike. Except…that’s kind of boring. And honestly, I’m not sure of all the details myself! And since most of the readers already know me, it’s safe to assume that most folks also know the interesting details. Afterall, I’ve only been talking about this for the last two years 🙂

I think the only think that is set in stone is that I have decided to walk to Maine.


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