Florida bound

The day has finally come. I am no longer a contributing member of society. As of 3:45 today, I am unemployed. I guess I can just add that to the whirlwind of changes recently. Who would have thought that dropping off the face of the earth for 5 months would be so demanding??? Last week I moved out of my apartment and was at the mercy of the folks who lended me their spare rooms and couches. I also had a surprise going away party! My dear friend Nicole came in to town from Richmond and took my amazing dog, Jack. Lots of changes lately!

Joe and I packed up the truck and headed out for Knoxville. We’ll be staying there visiting his brother-in-law tonight. Tomorrow morning wed will make the trek to Florida! He flies back to Nashville on Monday. Another step of faith….

From Florida I will tie up all the loose ends. And in about a week I will be out of here! I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it. Sometimes I wonder “what in the world am I doing?” Am I that afraid to stay in one place to allow myself to settle down? I have signifcant experience working the mental health field and I’m fully aware that that can be some type of diagnosis. Regardless, I realized very early on that my life is not meant to be conventional.

By the way, this post is brought to you by my handy dandy cell phone. Figured I should get used to writing on this thing. Don’t worry Mom, I’m not driving 🙂


One Comment on “Florida bound”

  1. Sharon Sullivan says:

    I’ll be following your journey! We love you, and be safe!

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